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Friday 22 May 2015



Ever since the oil boom of the late 1960’s, opportunities for the establishment and growth of new sectors in the economy of Saudi Arabia have been plenty. Private companies have sprouted in sectors such as food and beverage, healthcare, real estate and retail.




Almarai, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Almarai promises – “Quality you can trust” which is emblematic of its superior products in dairy, refreshments, bakery and poultry ranges. Every day, in over 40,000 stores across the GCC, millions of consumers have Almarai products on their supermarket list.

A Legacy of Quality

As a prominent home grown brand, Almarai continues to forge ahead to become an iconic player in the global food and beverage industry. A brand that exudes excellence and an exemplary corporate culture, Almarai’s unwavering commitment to quality has made it a unique entity in the minds of the consumers. From being a pure dairy producer, the company today endorses manufactures, produces and markets brands across the F&B spectrum that have become household names.


Every day in over 40,000 stores across the GCC, consumers purchase their beloved Almarai product with an innate trust in freshness and quality that has been imbibed by the consumption of its products over time. Not only do they rely on existing range of dairy products and juices for their daily needs, but also provide bakery and poultry specialities. The perfect testament to this is the boost in sales volume and market share achieved during 2010 by virtually all Almarai products, reiterating the group’s objective of being market leader in every segment where it operates.


Almarai’s distribution fleet undertakes approximately 100,000 trips annually, covers 110 million kilometres and comprises more than 3,400 trailers, tankers and sales vans. The company innovates and invests in people and capital to become a global force to reckon with.


Almarai has added new freshness to traditional dairy farming to meet domestic needs and the demands of a rapidly expanding international market. Being the market leader puts tremendous pressure on the company to deliver quality with timeliness. An elaborate production and distribution method has helped in keeping competition at bay. The distribution fleet undertakes approximately 100,000 trips annually, covers 110 million kilometres and comprises more than 3,400 trailers, tankers and sales vans. As it takes on more challenges, it innovates and invests in people and capital to become a global force to reckon with.

Dominating Consumer Purchase

Almarai products are an important part of the consumer’s grocery list. It has now become essential to their daily nutrition and way of life.



Still the group’s flagship range, the dairy products are responsible for majority of sales and shooting growth rates. The category includes fresh milk, fresh laban, flavoured milk, UHT milk, and evaporated milk. Almarai Vetal probiotic laban is a recent addition to the range.



Almarai juices now come in 13 flavours in mainstream and premium categories and are sold in all GCC states. Almarai holds market leadership in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain; Saudi Arabia alone constitutes 65 percent of the GCC market for juice products.




Yoghurts and desserts are market leaders in their segment. The flagships of the category are the plain yoghurt, Gishta and Labneh. However, the range is filled with exciting delectable options like caramel custard, fruit yoghurt and the recent addition Vetal probiotic yoghurt.



Products of this range are well received by mothers and children alike. Becoming the staple home snacks already, cheese spreads and blocks of cheddar and halloumi variety continue to boost profits at Almarai.

New Territory

Almarai has moved from its conventional stand as a dairy products and refreshments brand to a more variety oriented food and beverage company catering to newer needs every day. Venturing into new territory of bakery and poultry, the brand endorses L’Usine, 7Days and Alyoum as new members to its family. Becoming the Kingdom’s first truly national bakery brand, L’Usine houses a wide range of sliced bread, burger buns, cluster rolls, pastries, cakes, mammoul, waffles and biscuits. 7 days is a collection of delicious cakes, Swiss rolls and croissants that have been loved immensely by the consumer. The brand is two years ahead in its five year plan of becoming market leader. Following the acquisition of HADCO, Almarai rebranded poultry products by the name of Alyoum. The range includes fresh, chilled and whole chickens and also portion packs – mixed parts, breasts, wings or drumsticks – where it has already captured substantial market share in 2010.

Timeline: 21st Century



  • Almarai graduated from being privately owned to a publicly listed company by offering 30 percent of shares to the public.



  • Almarai acquired Jeddah based Western Bakeries expanding its product range into bakery. It initiated construction of a state of the art bakery facility in Al Kharj with 1 Billion SAR investment.



  • Ranked number 1 FMCG brand in Forbes’ ‘Top-40 Arab Brands’ list 2008



  • Almarai embarked on a journey of geographic expansion through the establishment of the joint venture with PepsiCo.
  • With the acquisition of HADCO, the company made whooping investments of 2 Billion SAR in the poultry category.
  • Valued at 800 Million SAR, the construction of the first Infant Nutrition Plant in the GCC was done by Almarai to launch a product in the Infant formula segment.



  • The Almarai-Mead Johnson collaboration established a one of a kind International Pediatric Nutrition Company which underpinned the company’s commitment to quality and good health of its consumers.
  • Almarai was declared to have a paid capital of 2.3 Billion SAR, turnover of about 7 Billion SAR and a market capitalization of 23 Billion SAR.
  • Ranked number one KSA brand by Gulf Marketing Review magazine.
  • Ranked as one of the top 5 brands to go Global by the Financial Times

Power to the Employee

The promise of quality permeates down the chain of people at Almarai and is a key factor that adds value to its enlightened corporate culture. Industry experts applaud its meticulous planning, decision making and wholesome business activity. It focuses on creating wellrounded professionals through intensive training and personal development. The first decade of the new millennium has closed with a staff volume of over 17,000 people firmly acknowledging Almarai’s position as an employer of excellence, with staff benefitting from the group’s high moral standards and ethical principles at the core of its functionality, where people are viewed as its greatest assets.


Structured training and career guidance within the company has resulted in one in every three employees receiving annual promotion. The company has begun work on Almarai Dairy and Food Polytechnic, an institution that provides young Saudis with skills to become dynamic leaders in the F&B industry. A tie up with other vocational organisations, the institute provides a diploma in courses such as food, dairy production, production equipment


maintenance and animal husbandry. As the company expands to lucrative markets, recruiting quality human resource is imperative. In addition, nurturing of employees fosters a positive environment and creates a culture where everyone is a winner.

Service to Society

The crème de la crème always holds certain accountability to those who are affected by its actions. As a global force in the F&B industry, Almarai leaves no stone unturned while it undertakes in social activities for the general welfare and betterment of the people. Almarai supports various social and humanitarian organisations such as the Orphan Welfare Society, Down Syndrome Charitable Association, Saudi Autism Organisation and the Saudi Breast Cancer Society.


Part of its philanthropy is to support the Bin Baz Charitable Project to Assist Young People in Marriage that enables Saudis with limited income to afford to get married. In partnership with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, it has launched the Award for Scientific Creativity to encourage scientific research. It encourages education of the youth by granting scholarships in its GCC markets.


Regarded as the number one KSA brand by Gulf Marketing Review, Almarai was declared to have a paid capital of 2.3 Billion SAR, and a turnover of about 7 Billion SAR towards the end of 2010


The flagship of Almarai is the range dairy products, which are responsible for majority of sales and shooting growth rates. The category includes varieties of milk, milk powder and laban.