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Friday 22 May 2015



Botswana’s largest sales, merchandising, warehousing and distributor of fast moving goods and commodities.


CA Group of Companies, Botswana

CA & Dafin Sales

Today the CA Group of Companies comprises of CA & Dafin Sales - which are the two Sales and Distribution arms of the Group. As well as warehousing services, Kalahari sales and Winchester properties.


The story of the Group indeed reflects the ideal business environment that Botswana has been able to create for investors coming to do business in the country.


From humble beginnings in 1988, the company started off as CA Enterprises, acting purely as sales agents at the time. The transformation began in 1995 when CA Enterprises merged with Indian Ocean and Capricorn Agencies.


At that time the company consisted of three divisions, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), White Goods & Appliances, Bakery & Liquor.



CA Sales & Distribution started off providing warehousing, distribution, sales and merchandising services, as well as the debtors function for their principals, all based in South Africa. On 1st April 2004, the company acquired Dafin Sales & Distribution. This was a similar business to CA Sales & Distribution. 


In January 2006 Kalahari Sales – a sales agency company representing Levers HPC and Warehousing Services – a logistic company handling goods from South Africa to Botswana from various Principals were also acquired.


May 2007 saw the company acquiring new premises which were now consolidated with the adjoining property of which we purchased from Volvo Trucks.

Fleet & Warehousing


Impressive Fleet - CA Sales Group owns a fleet of 120 trucks, which range from 4 ton to 30 ton rigs. In addition the company has in-house petrol & diesel pumps in both the south and north Depots, thanks to their wide reach and strategic positioning, CA Sales Group are today able to service main centers within 24 hours and outlying areas in 48 hours.


Warehousing - Furthermore, the CA Group owns warehouses in Gaborone and Francistown through their company, Winchester Properties. The Francistown Warehouse resides on Plots 9790/9792 and 9784, totaling an area of 18,000 sq.m and the Gaborone Warehouse is on Plots 14400/01, covering an area of 15,000 sq.m . Additionally the company owns more then 2200 sq.m of offices today.


The companies’ warehouses offer the following services:

  • Racking
  • Bulk storage
  • Receiving
  • Picking
  • Delivery Cages

All the warehouses are equipped with CCTV.


New Proposed Gaborone Office & Warehouse

Currently CA Sales Group is busy with the construction of a state of the art head quarters in Gaborone. The facility being constructed at Kgale will cost over P150 million.


Company Sales Force The group today employs a 1200 strong workforce, making it one of the highest employers in Botswana (outside government). The workforce amongst others include, 2 National Sales Managers, 4 Divisional Sales Managers, 26 Sales Representatives, 2 Merchandising Managers, 15 Area Supervisors in merchandising, as well as 350 Merchandisers countrywide. All stores have at least 1 Merchandiser with sales teams based in Gaborone, Francistown and Maun.


CA group’s IT infrastructure

The CA Sales group prides itself with a highly developed and sophisticated, up to date own wireless network access. The group also boasts its own in-house IT department to cater for both hardware & network needs. An entire floor of 70+ network users use Accpac for Windows, for the order entry and order dispatching. We are currently in the process of moving to SAP Business 1 package.