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Monday 25 May 2015

Aviation & Logistics


With growth in all areas of SKA in 2009, SKA Air and Logistics provides aviation and logistics services to development efforts in ‘transitional states’. Thanks to their hard-earned reputation for operating in difficult locations, progress within their niche market is attributed to four factors.



SKA Air & Logistics

SKA Air & Logistics, UAE

Doing Difficult Jobs in Difficult Places

Started in 2003 by intrepid ex British and South African Forces member, Mike Douglas, this Dubai-based company currently has the vast majority of their aircraft positioned in Baghdad, Iraq – the ultimate transitional state in the geopolitically sensitive Middle East region. As a primary supplier of aviation fuel in Iraq, coupled their cargo warehousing facilities throughout Iraq and Dubai, combined with their vast trucking network, make SKA a natural choice for complete door-to-door air and logistics service. “Apart from our own airlift capabilities, we are uniquely poised with our presence and infrastructure to handle cargo as well as passenger aircraft at Baghdad, Basra, Erbil, Sulaimaniyah, Kuwait and the UAE airports; in addition to Kabul and many of the Military establishments in Afghanistan” explains Mike Douglas. “This is the first factor that has propelled expansion.”


Second. Since Iraq today is in the next phase of post-conflict reconstruction, resulting in an increase of cargo and passenger travel from the energy sector and their logistical support elements. “This time last year the percentage of equipment handles was still predominantly defense and security related (such as armored vehicles), now we are thankfully seeing more energy infrastructure related movement” he adds.

Leading Edge Air Logistics


The third reason is attributable to Afghanistan’s heightened activity. While our team has historically moved a substantial amount of equipment to Afghanistan, their efforts at present are to gain long term contracts as a result of both an increase in defense allocation, as well as a continuation of the steady reconstruction efforts of foreign assistance agencies, international non-governmental organizations, and commercial entities. The Afghanistan market presented us with an imperative to grow SKA Arabia’s operations and locate full-time staff on the ground in Afghanistan. “With the operations’ tempo progressing very well, very quickly, who knows what the future holds?”


Last and not least, the fourth factor in their success and resulting operational growth comes down to an outstanding team. SKA staff members are proven experts in operating flights and logistical operations in the most challenging regions worldwide. From war zones, regions of political instability, and locations with severely limited infrastructure, their clients recognize the companies’ unique capacity to fulfill these tasks seamlessly.


“This is why clients continually draw on our experience.” With decades of combined personal experience in conflict and post conflict environments working with various international aid organizations from the UN, USAID and multi-national forces throughout the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa, the varied SKA team obviously shares a unique mindset capable of responding to the vagaries of working in transitional countries with efficiency and timeliness; global economic downturn notwithstanding.