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Friday 22 May 2015

98.4 FM


‘We set the trends, and the others follow’. That’s one of the Capital FM’s philosophies, and remains Kenya’s most recognizable radio station, with its exceptional blend of music, energetic and witty radio personalities, fun interactive promotions and unique programming.



Capital FM        

98.4 Capital FM


The Best Mix of Music!

Launched in 1996, 98.4 Capital FM has created its own niche in the Kenyan radio market with its stand out style. Capital FM is a brand unlike any other in the Kenyan market, that continues to excite, entertain, stimulate and reward its listeners. Capital FM has the most loyal listeners of all stations, who have in turn been rewarded with consistent programming that continues to be a blueprint for the rest of the Kenyan radio market.




If you should ever traverse the airwaves moving from frequency to frequency, our guarantee is that you will not find a fresher, edgier sound than Capital FM Kenya. Capital FM Programmes have their finger on the pulse of the nation; our shows are informative, fun and definitely set the trend. With Kenya’s most energetic, witty, and lively presenters, we are often imitated, but never duplicated. In this era of high competition in the Kenyan radio market, stations continue to try and replicate the programming, style and format of Capital FM with little success. We remain relevant, entertaining, informative and interactive all day: morning to morning. Our breakfast show ‘Capital in the Morning’ handles issues on the economy, society, and the political scene. It’s witty, fast-paced and full of laughs.


If you love ROCK!, want to know about the latest fashion and style, gadgets, hangouts, cool drinks, and hot outfits, our mid morning ‘Fuse’ show will take care of you – the young and upcoming socialite. The afternoon airwaves on Kenyan radio are ruled by the ‘Afternoon Jam’-a fun-filled, raw, intelligent, and sometime cocky but always entertaining show, with the most unique style of music formatting each day-From the latest R&B, Slow Jams, 80’s classics, Neo Soul, and 90’s hits and New Jack swing.


Hits not Homework comes next, targeted at the young and young at heart, this show has attitude and energy, and gives the youth the chance to voice their opinions on everything from relationships, sex, partying, fashion, technology and much more. ‘Hits Not Homework’ plays the hottest and most current hip-hop, rap, crunk, and local tracks, coupled with music exclusives, interviews with your favorite artists and shout outs between different high schools, colleges and universities.


After the high octane energy of hits not homework –slow it down with ‘Late Night Capital’ our slow seductive way of winding down your evening. It will mend broken hearts, keep you in love and soothe your mind as you prepare to call it a night. For all you night owls and international audience in different time zones, ‘Urban Nights’ is definitely your show, with hot jams and current affairs that will definitely hold your attention.


As your Official weekend Station we give you an equally amazing line up of non-stop mixes to put you in the mood on Friday and Saturday Nights. Watch out for the best syndicated countdown shows, including Rick Dees, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest! The best of the best call Capital FM Home!

News, Sales & Marketing



As the company has grown, so has the News Department, confidently filling the competitive circle, where it has now earned the right to be one of the most respected news sources in the country. Speed, virtue, integral and expertise have played an integral part in this.


Comprising of a formidable team of journalists, editors, and news presenters, the Newsroom’s main task is to give out the information collected in a responsible, ethical and timely fashion. The objective of our in-depth news reports every top of the hour and informative features is to keep Kenyans abreast of the goings-on around them. Information is power As Kenyans become increasingly aware of their rights, more information is needed. And Capital News team is here, fully loaded, to meet their needs.




The Capital Sales team is client-driven, working as consultant rather than just regular sales representatives or account managers. Want to know more about our competitive rates, our account managers will be your perfect guides. Marketing in Capital FM is the nerve centre of the organization. Capital Marketing goes beyond the call of duty to link the client, the listener and the station. Capital Marketing keeps our award winning brand strong and recognizable. As part of our Social Corporate Responsibility, we initiate projects that uphold humanity and the rights of the less fortunate. We also sponsor organizations that do so.

Capital Creative & Events

The 98.4 Capital Creative provides an integrated service available to all advertisers, advertising agencies, and promotions companies alike, forming a strategic arm of 98.4 Capital FM’s commercial production and promotions division.


They have consistently managed to keep up with high quality commercials and the best on-air promotions for the biggest brands in Kenya. The Creative Services department at 98.4 Capital FM is innovative, competent and will give your brand that extra edge needed to make an impact in the market.



C.I.A (Capital Interactive Agents) is the unique arm of Capital FM that is charged with representing the brand on-ground. C.I.A. creates, develops, manages and, executes on-ground activations for the station and our clients and advertisers.


C.I.A. creates and manages opportunities for the listeners to experience the brand (98.4 Capital FM) and its attributes (The best Mix of Music) on a one-on-one basis. It offers experiential, on-site marketing to our clients and advertisers. C.I.A. consistently creates and develops cutting-edge promotions and activations that are unique and specific to each brand. From brand parties, to in-store promotions, road shows, cocktails, corporate parties, sports activations, launches, etc, we do it all!


While Capital FM delivers brand equity on air, C.I.A. delivers brand volumes. We make sure your target market interacts with, samples, and experiences your brand, redefining experiential marketing in Kenya through the creation of powerful and effective brand experiences!

Capital Digital Media

The world has become a global village, and capital fm have found a way to connect all listeners worldwide through the Capital Digital media. This interactive media service that connects the Capital FM family to friends and fans all over the world by use of its website:


In line with The Capital Group’s Mission, “To responsibly entertain, educate, and inform a dynamic audience”. Capital’s Digital Media allows its audiences to make use of the powerful tool that is the Internet to access information ranging from:

  • News ( , where one can have access to breaking local and International news when it happens; 
  • Business (, with access to business news and features from industry experts; 
  • Radio (, where one can stream live radio, download ring tones, wallpaper, play games, enter radio contests, win tickets to events, and much more.


For Kenyans in the Diaspora, the website further serves the purpose of being one of the few links they have with home. The best part of it is that website users can not only listen to Capital FM from anywhere in the world, but they can also access breaking Kenyan news as well. With interactive and multimedia tools like live chat that allows listeners and presenters to interact, blogs, and music and video downloads, is a truly a community on the web, and a grand marketing tool that reaches a global audience who access our website. Capital Digital Media truly has a global presence that few companies in Kenya can boast of.


CBC TV business television channel went live in February 2008 and ever since has been the source of business news on Kenyan television. CBC TV partnered with CNBC Africa to bring the Global business to your screen. CBC TV on channel 47 is on the air round the- clock, covering economic, financial and market analysis from around Africa and abroad. CBC TV promises to provide excellence in broadcasting.