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Saturday 25 April 2015


Magnate Ventures Limited is Kenya’s outdoor advertising company of choice, with neon-lit billboards and creative imagery promoting a wide variety of products from both local and international firms.



Magnate Ventures               

Magnate Ventures, Kenya

King of Outdoor Advertising

Its signage and advertising billboards are a common feature, dotting streets, buildings and other prominent places in the country’s main urban centres and major highways. Magnate Ventures, now in its tenth year of operation, has developed into the leading promotional advertising and image projection firm in East Africa.


In 2008 the company was ranked sixth among the top 100 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) surveyed by reputable international accounting and polling firms, KPMG & Steadman. Established in 1996 by indigenous Kenyan entrepreneurs, Magnate Ventures started operations after a two-year gestation period during which a solid foundation was laid for success and future growth.



In 1999, Magnate Ventures made its first strategic acquisition when it bought Kenya Neon and General Signs, a long-standing firm and the best equipped signage company in Kenya at the time. Through this acquisition, Magnate Ventures took a vital step in creating one of the strongest signage and image companies in the region. Association with a company that was already well known in the market gave Magnate Ventures a solid head start.


The company has since its first year of operation, experienced healthy growth patterns and is now well prepared to maintain sustained growth through expansion of its product lines and services to cover the entire East and Central African region. Magnate Ventures’ focus is in strategic advertising development, printing, branding, supply, manufacture, installation and maintenance of indoor, outdoor signage and promotional materials. Its fundamental objective is to deliver highly visible and visually attractive images of customers’ products and services through creative artistic impression and strategic positioning.

...Keeping You Visible

The Company’s range of products includes billboards, screen printing, street lighting, suburban signs, bus shelters, digital advertising, electronic signage, wall branding services, road signs, and petrol station signage.


In recent years, Magnate Ventures has achieved rapid regional expansion and currently has operating bases in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan. Locally, the Company enjoys unmatched presence in literally every location of mention. Magnate Ventures ensures that it meets the changing needs and requirements of the market by targeting technological changes in outdoor and indoor advertising and signage in readiness to meet customer expectations and demands.



The Company’s technological edge is maintained through constantly keeping in touch with developed markets and strategic partners. Use of the latest technology and equipment ensures increased efficiency in production and reduces delivery time, which results in cost-cutting and satisfied customers. The multi-skilling of company personnel through vigorous training and development programmes ensures they are well equipped with new and appropriate skills and can, therefore, be in line with the changing trends in the market.


The Company now has close to 100 employees and an annual sales volume of around US$10 million. Magnate Ventures is an ISO-certified Company, which means its services and products are of the highest international standards.