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Saturday 23 May 2015

Design & Fashion

KikoRomeo design and fashion house cuts a niche in outstanding designs with great emphasis on excellent cut, fit and finish.



KikoRomeo, Kenya

Nairobi Radical Chic.

Ann McCreath and other partners founded the business which deals in African fashion and design in 1996 and have since produced high quality fashion incorporating community trade materials and craftsmanship. KikoRomeo collections have been shown and won accolades in Kenya at FAFA and overseas including Italy, Cameroon, South
Africa and the Seychelles.


The design and fashion house’s core business has been garment production and retail of KikoRomeo and Kikoti brands – both done in fabulous African design. They include fashion and accessories for men, women and children.



KikoRomeo is currently developing a line of recycled and organic items, to meet the growing demands of the international market. KikoRomeo lines are designed by Ann McCreath together with Norbert Ochieng and Martha Gakii. In its outstanding design, great emphasis is put on excellent cut, fit and finish. Most of the textiles are from Africa produced both industrially and handcrafted.


KikoRomeo holding company Kiro Limited’s philosophy is fair trade and commitment to working with local artisans to promoting community development through economic empowerment. Kiro Ltd has developed a concept in which it works in support of Africa’s heritage by actively promoting traditional skills and crafts. The KikoRomeo line incorporates a lot of handcrafting and hand-painting, to create unique individual items.

Recycled & Organic Material

New KikoRomeo products are being introduced and will be designed using recycled and organic material. Kikoti and the uniforms design are produced in a factory setting, incorporating textiles from the continent. They are produced in bigger numbers, with little hand crafting, thereby reducing costs and provide for the middle market with a smart African fashion option.


KikoRomeo’s business sprouted in 2006, after venturing into business contracts with blue chip corporate firms by designing and making their corporate uniforms. Among the companies KikoRomeo landed successful contracts with are; Safaricom Customer Care, Air Kenya, KACA, Java Coffee House, Origins Safaris and Mercury Lounge.



In June 2007, a new line “Kikoti” (“the place where life began” in Maasai’s Maa language) was launched, with the aim of offering a more affordable African fashion to suit the middle market. In November 2007, Kiro, East African Designer Store was opened in the Yaya centre together with other East African designers. This was to enable designers to retail their ready-made garments at a central spot.


KikoRomeo has its studio on Mogotio Rd, Westlands, Nairobi. Collections are also sold through KikoRomeo, 2nd floor Yaya Centre, and KooRoo at le Rustique on General Mathenge Drive, Nairobi.