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Friday 22 May 2015



Jana Dan international schools offers a unique educational program that tackles the various aspects of the students' personality.

Jana Dan International School, Egypt


• Mental Development: offering internationally reputable and  

certified programs such as Cort and Montessori programs.

Such program aims at developing the mental capabilities of

students such as critical and creative thinking. It also helps

them discover their major competent thinking areas.

• Social Development: offered in a very interactive way through training students on team work, presentation skills as well as other important interpersonal skills through interactive methods.

Such program aims at developing the overall personality of the students, where they will get to learn how to communicate effectively with their peers and parents, how to be able to transfer their ideas to the others in the most appropriate way, how to prioritize their duties, how to lead and influence others and finally how to manage their time.

From an overall perspective, the educational and raising system at Jana Dan has 5 main corners as previously mentioned:

• Psychological Aspect: developing the basic good motives

inside the person as well as developing his or her sense of self respect and self actualization as well as loyalty to his or her country and nation.





• Educational Aspect: offering a reputable international academic system, the American Diploma, yet such academic program will be complemented with some aspects of the Middle Eastern culture to ensure delivering a comprehensive educational system.

• Islamic Integration: integrating Islamic ethics and principles within the educational and development curriculum of students, yet this will be done in an interactive as well as smooth way to instill such principles through daily activities.

• Physical Aspect: developing the student body through offering a wide diversity of sports to the students. Such sports focus will be even strengthened by the schoolís management to guarantee that students are leading a healthy life.

• Uniqueness of the Individual: believing that every student is unique in his or her own self and has a lot of different capabilities and talents from others makes the schoolís management more attentive to developing each studentís unique needs as well as avoiding excessive comparison between peers. Offering the above programs together within one system will help make the educational system offered by Jana Dan school a comprehensive offering that helps develop the various aspects of the human personality. To better fulfill the requirements of each program, there will be weekly separate classes for each program with the educational part occupying most of the studentsí time. However, to make sure that the message is delivered in a comprehensive way, the various programs will be integrated with the academic and sports program in a smooth way so that the message is being reinforced in the students’ minds.


On the academic side, the school is offering mainly American Diploma, which have various advantages such as training students on team work, presentation skills as well as other important interpersonal skillsthrough interactive methods;
• Philosophy.

• Spiral Approach.

• Integration.

• Character Building.

• Projects.

• Active Learning.

• Academically very well renowned.

• Accepted worldwide.

• Global perspective teaching.

• Transfers credits to American Universities.

In addition, the school adopts an innovative and sound raising program that integrates:

Character Building Program: offered in a unique way through themes and interactive activities rather than just teaching theoretical material. Such program aims at teaching students the basic principles of Manners in an interesting, easy to understand as well as practical methods. Such program has been prepared by several experts in the area if education and raising. The program has been taught at Jana Dan school for more than 5 years and has received great positive feedback from students as well as from parents.