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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Exquisite Jewellery



La Putri, Singapore

Beautifully Bespoke

Every La Putri jewellery piece is a work of art – a one-of-a kind design lovingly crafted by mastercraftsmen whose passions for precious gems bring each creative expression to life. Complemented by unique designs and fine attention to detail, the glorious gems represent affordable luxury at its finest. They are potential heirloom pieces with good investment value. Little wonder then that the exclusive jeweller’s discerning clientele comprise royalty, foreign dignitaries, and members of high society in Southeast Asia.

Be they South Sea or Keshi pearls, sapphires, rubies or jade, La Putri’s designers draw inspiration from each gemstone’s unique character – form, colour and texture – and work the design around the precious stone. “Our design philosophy is about bringing forth the natural beauty of each gem so the design should serve to enhance each gem, and not overwhelm it,” shares Goh Shuet-Li, Director of La Putri.


Although they may be similar in design, closer inspection will reveal that no two La Putri jewellery pieces are identical; because nature simply does not create carbon copies of objects so precious and so beautiful.


The gemstones are painstakingly sourced from all over the world, and they are 100% natural as La Putri only works with natural stones. As such, the gem-setters focus on enhancing the natural beauty of each stone, making each jewellery piece an exceptionally rare beauty to behold.


“We like to educate our customers because the more they understand as buyers, the better able they are to appreciate the little extras that La Putri does,” explains Shuet-Li.


At its Mandarin Gallery boutique, clients have the additional luxury of knowledgeable showroom assistants who readily share their expertise on gemstones, so that customers are well-informed about the nuances of the various precious gems before making a purchase.


Customised Creations

La Putri has cultivated a sterling reputation for its customised creations over its almost four-decade history. The brand’s loyal following speaks volumes, as generation upon generation return for La Putri’s enchanting jewellery designs. Many of whom adore the brand’s ability to produce customised designs, at reasonable prices.


At the wearer’s whim, La Putri’s treasure trove of loose gemstones can be fashioned into a variety of designs, often inspired by nature; flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and other magical creatures. Existing jewellery pieces from the past can also be reworked and refreshed for an updated look.


Besides the bespoke service, La Putri also creates a few choice collections under its Prêt-à-Porter range. The Lumas series comprises stackable rings featuring 100% natural and untreated Ceylon and Madagascar sapphires in a kaleidoscope of colours. Eos showcases the brand’s specialty in working with Keshi pearls that have been uncultured by man; their organic forms embraced by delightful designs. Finally, Perpetual is a charming, contemporary collection flaunting precision-cut round sapphires in a spectrum of hues, paired with Belgian diamonds.


Another La Putri signature is its exquisite jade jewellery. The traditional stone, including jadeite in classic green hues as well as stylish translucent white, vivid yellow and enigmatic black, is expressed on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with a contemporary twist, making it perfectly wearable for the modern woman. Indeed, La Putri is modern elegance personified.