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Saturday 23 May 2015

Engineered in India

Dr Sudarshan Maini, Founder, Maini Group


Dr Sudarshan Maini, Founder "Synergising the best Indian values and craftsmanship with the best technology and work ethics of the West has been our endeavour at Maini. It has helped us make Indian products a force to reckon with globally."


Redefining the face of Indian engineering, the Maini Group offers cutting-edge engineering solutions across industry verticals. From precision products, materials movement and electric vehicles, including the first Indian green car, it has set new benchmarks in global markets with the proud claim 'Made in India'.


Established in 1973 and headquartered in Bangalore, the Maini Group has revenues of over Rs 250 crore (US $62 million). It includes Maini Precision Products, Maini Materials Movement, Reva Electric Car Company and joint ventures like Armes Maini. Its products straddle across material handling machinery, electric vehicles, precision components and material storage.


Maini Group Logo


Tel:  +91 80 2224 5287  / 2227 0972



Maini Group Bangalore


The Reva Electric Car, Maini Group


Maini Reva

Draw upon and Integrate the Best of the World

It all begins with zero

 The Group is guided by the 'Zero philosophy': zero defects, zero delays, zero wastage, zero pollution and zero compromises. The group's inherent belief derives from being seamless, holistic and inclusive, all together in a synergy that manifests the driving principle 'The power of oneness'.


Maini Precision Products


Maini Precision Products


Maini Precision Products (MPP)

 The Group's flagship company has perfected the art of precision manufacturing for the automotive, aerospace, medical and general engineering industries. Since its establishment 30 years ago, MPP, with a focus on exports, has evolved into a one-stop-shop for precision products, where reliability replaces probability. The company is a preferred global vendor to many a global giant like GM, BOSCH, Eaton, Honeywell, Volvo and SAFRAN, among others.



FERI from Maini Materials Movement

FERI from Maini Materials Movement


Maini Materials Movement (MMM)

Formed 20 years ago, the brand has leveraged its engineering excellence to continuously build a comprehensive range of material handling equipment which has found applications across industry verticals. MMM has grown into an end-to-end solutions provider and its expertise covers the entire value chain of logistics that helps its clients in planning, operations, consultation and implementation of their warehousing and material handling needs. MMM's products and services have found great acceptance among companies like Moser Baer, Blue Dart and Unilever for services such as planning, designing, operations and maintenance. In fact, MMM serves over 80 per cent of corporate India today.


Its FERI is an intelligent electric-drive vehicle with a highly customisable design that makes it efficient, cost-effective and an easy medium for transportation within enclosed campuses.



The Maini Group's Reva Electric Car Company has pioneered the world's first truly green, mass-produced car, Reva. This revolutionary car has proven to be one of the most successful battery operated vehicles and is a huge success especially in European countries. Indigenously designed, Reva boasts of world-class technology that has taken Indian engineering to the world. High mileage, smooth drive, and a robust frame are some of its characteristic features. Clean, green and efficient, Reva is a technological wonder; specially designed and developed for those who want an eco-friendly answer to the increasing problems of global warming and pollution.

Eco Friendly and Award Wining

Reva awards


Dr M. S. Swaminathan Award for Environment Protection 2001

Thomas Alva Edison Award for Innovation in Technology 2002

Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Services Award 2004

Monte Carlo Sustainable Award 2005

Business Leadership Awards (Electric Vehicles) 2005

Winner 50 best cars 2007 - The Independent UK

Most Environment Friendly Car in UK - BBC Wildlife Magazine 2007

Iceland auto show awards in Sept 2007

• Least carbon dioxide emission • Least energy usage

• Least expensive 100 km • Best in overall category


Says Sandeep Maini, Group Chairman, "The Group has an illustrious past of pioneering path-breaking technologies. Taking this legacy forward, we are focusing on a future replete with innovations that are aimed at changing the face of the industrial world. We seek to achieve this goal through a strong commitment towards nature with environment-friendly practices, processes and products."


The Maini group is set on the path of exponential growth and is galloping ahead at a growth rate of over 40 per cent, way above industry average. On the anvil are strategic ventures and business propositions that will take it to the top echelons of global engineering.