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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Under One Roof

An array of medical services is situated under one roof at the Upper Hill Medical Centre, which is ideally located in the middle of a rapidly growing business district of Nairobi.


Upper Hill Medical Centre Kenya

Quality Healthcare

It is a private healthcare facility with a wide variety of medical services and some of the most modern equipment as well as highly qualified medical personnel who are dedicated to the provision of the best services in Kenya and beyond. Both tourists and local residents of Nairobi and the entire eastern and Central African region are assured of an impressive world-class medical facility which provides a wide variety of services, including a sophisticated diagnostics laboratory, a diagnostic imaging unit, a kidney centre, a laser kidney and endoscopy centre, a hearing aid centre, a physiotherapy centre, a children’s clinic and a chemist.


The all-inclusive ultra-modern six-storey complex situated along Ralph Bunche Road only a short distance from another top private medical facility that is the Nairobi Hospital, houses specialists in various medical fields that include allergies, anaesthetics, aurology, cardiology, cosmetics, dentistry, dermatology, endoscopy, ENT (ear nose & throat), gynaecology, laparoscopy, neurology, nutrition, obstetrics, opthalmology and pediatrics.


Comprehensive Care Centre

Other specialist medical fields offered at the Upper Hill Medical Centre, which is one of the most sophisticated privately owned healthcare facilities throughout the eastern African region, including pathology, psychiatry and medical psychology, physiotherapy, plastic surgery, radiology, reproductive health, traumatology, urology and vascular surgery. There are also pathologists and various categories of paramedics at the facility.


A number of highly qualified general physicians and surgeons are located at the Upper Hill Medical Centre, which has numerous well-equipped, state-of-the art surgical theatres. Patients whose ailments do not require lengthy or complicated surgical procedures are normally treated and discharged on the same day. The health environment provided by this superlative medical facility is highly supportive of the various needs of patients.


Doctors and other medical staff at the Upper Hill Medical Centre, although hailing from different social and academic backgrounds, form a harmonious entity, dedicated to the provision of the best healthcare available anywhere at affordable prices. Support for continued professional education for members of staff ensures a workforce that is reliable, fast, and friendly. The highly trained and experienced staff is available for consultation on drug information.


The UHMC Pharmacy is conveniently located on the ground floor. It is dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of every patient through stocking of an extensive range of prescription drugs and healthcare products. The health facility has partnered with drug manufacturers and suppliers for the supply of drugs at discounted prices. The reduced cost is passed to customers ensuring low retail prices. Owing to continuing research and development in drug manufacturing, pharmacists must constantly keep abreast of new information.

A Harmonious Entity


At this Centre, the patient is provided with every available service, hospitality and care. Children are given particular attention because of their fragile and still growing bodies and minds. Safety enhancement is a highly valued feature of the Upper Hill Medical Centre, which is easily accessible from the Nairobi central business district, without going through the sometimes stressful traffic jams that have become a common feature on the roads of Kenya’s principal metropolis due to the rapid increase in the number of public and private vehicles. UHMC has good security and ample parking space.


In a region where good medical and healthcare facilities are at a premium, the Upper Hill Medical Centre is a unique enterprise. Services to corporate clients are provided on credit without requirement for a deposit. The process is easy and has no waiting time. UHMC Corporate Account members can receive services from any of the specialists or centres. The client is then billed through a central billing system.


Many organizations have chosen the Upper Hill Medical Centre as their preferred medical service provider. Reliable and consistently high service standards have been recognized by many corporate clients in Kenya. Some of UHMC’s leading partners include important public sector organizations like the Kenya National Assembly (Parliament), the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority (KACC), and the National Security Intelligence Services (NSIS).

Alternative Quality Medical Care

Valuable private clients of UHMC include Zain (formerly Celtel Kenya Limited), the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), PricewaterhouseCoopers, HTH Worldwide, the British High Commission, Oxfam GB, Jubilee Insurance Co., APA Insurance Co., CFC Life, Heritage AII, Madison Insurance Co., AAR Health Services/ Insurance, AON Minet, Health Management Solutions, and Apollo Insurance.


The reputation of the Upper Hill Medical Centre has continued to grow rapidly since it was established in 2001. It is highly rated both in Kenya and internationally as a first-class healthcare provider that provides unrivalled medical services within the eastern and Central African region. The Centre has been accredited by several governmental and international organizations while patients of all classes highly value its high standards of medical care.