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Sunday 26 April 2015

Always Ahead of Time

Eng. Mohd. Shehadeh, General Manager

Dubai is amongst the world's fastest growing cities, with $90 billion dollars worth of construction projects and approximately 15 per cent of all cranes located here. Because of this vertical explosion, a wealth of innovative architecture underscores its international model for preeminence. Considering that the majority of the emirate's growth has occurred within the past 15 years, with all seven of its tallest buildings constructed in the past eight, the demand for basic materials to keep up with the rate of construction expansion is critical. As one of the region's leading concrete suppliers, Unibeton lies at the foundation of the highly demanding construction market in the UAE, particularly the highly competitive field of the Ready Mix Concrete Industry.



Unibeton Ready Mix

Unibeton Ready Mix, UAE

Apart From the Competition

While the city of Dubai has captured the world’s attention with its unprecedented list of construction marvels and attractions,its neighbouring sister emirate Abu Dhabi patiently waited in the sidelines for its time to come. But make no mistake; Abu Dhabi may still be less renowned around the world, but this is about to change - big time. With an impressive list of projects in the pipeline, forecasts show that the volume of construction projects in Abu Dhabi will outpace those of Dubai within three years. What is to be expected in the UAE’s federal capital in the coming years? Consider MASDAR’s first carbon neutral city in the world, the Louvre and Guggenheim Museums on Saadiyat Island, the Grand Prix Circuit and infrastructure on Yas Island, for starters. With sustainability, a major production criteria, all projects that involve state-of-the-art engineering, construction materials and methods offer an opportunity for a company like Unibeton Ready Mix to set itself apart from its competition.

Breaking Records While Staying Green

Formed in 1990, Unibeton that is part of the diversified Al Fara’a Construction Group of Companies, has subsequently expanded to include twelve plant locations across the UAE. Today it is the leading concrete supplier for many of the regions landmark projects currently underway. For instance, it supplies concrete to the Saadiyat and Sheikh Zayed Bridges, the Landmark Tower, which will become the tallest tower in Abu Dhabi and the Ferrari Experience Building too. In addition, it has supplying MASDAR City, a 6,000,000m3-world first carbon city neutral and expect to remain the main supplier.


“Overall, based on the technology at hand, Unibeton expect CO2 savings on the MASDAR Project to reach an impressive 1,200,000 tons over 6 million m3 of concrete with improvements to concrete mixture designs, processes and delivery systems compared to business as usual”, explains Engr. Mohammed Shehadeh, General Manager, Unibeton.





When it comes to sustainable production methods, Unibeton intends to save an additional 200,000 tons of CO2 and an impressive 600 million AED from innovations in reinforcing and piling technology, in collaboration with piling contractors and MASDAR. Throughout the duration of the MASDAR Project, “Unibeton intends to use in excess of 1.4 million tons of

Supplementary Cementitious Materials and to recover more than 50 per cent of wash water for re-use through its water conservation measures”, he adds. As a result, Unibeton will save water used in concrete mixtures by 110,000 tons over 6 Million m³ of concrete. In this way Unibeton plans to use approximately 1.8 million tons of recycled aggregates in 20 per cent of concrete which is required to be manufactured using recycled aggregates in MASDAR. This is in addition to supplies of RCA for site formation, as 2.3 Million tons of crushed aggregates are immediately available to UNIBETON for site formation and general sub-grade requirements.


According to Engr. Shehadeh, many of the lessons learned on sustainability throughout the course of the MASDAR project will be applied to many of the other “main stream” projects in the UAE and the rest of the Gulf.




Green Concrete

Always committed to CSR, Unibeton’s commitment to total quality management (TQM) extends to every area of its operations and they are one of the few Ready Mix Companies accredited to QHS&E Management System. To help to build a more sustainable environment, Unibeton is focusing on Green; environmentally friendly concrete with low carbon dioxide emissions to produce energy saving construction. As the largest Ready Mixed Concrete Company in the Gulf, Unibeton is not only a member of the Emirates Green Building Council but also leading the field with the promotion of Green sustainable concrete by using materials that represent a 75 percent saving on carbon dioxide emission against the more traditional type of conventional concrete made from Ordinary Portland cement. The greatest focus on green concrete is with the use of partial cement replacements such as PFA & slag. This is an impressive improvement, considering that every month more than a million cubic meters of concrete are poured in what must surely be the world’s greatest construction frenzy.