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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Black Gold


Oil is a huge contributor to the Abu Dhabi economy, which accounts for 90 percent of the UAE’s total production. Dubbed as ‘Black Gold’, due to it being a powerful pawn in global economics, the dangers faced with accessing this substance are astronomical. With this in mind the National Drilling Company (NDC) has made safety its priority while maintaining a high level of success in the oil and gas industry.



National Drilling Company

National Drilling Company Abu Dhabi

Success with safety

The National Drilling Company (NDC) is one of the largest drilling contractors inthe Middle East, providing its customers with quality drilling, work over and well-maintenance services.Established in 1972, NDC was the first venture among the ADNOC Group of Companies. Today, they operate a fleet of 10 offshore and 18 onshore drilling rigs,a Multi-Purpose Service Vessel, as well as five water well rigs surveying Abu Dhabi’sground water. Services include Onshore Services, Offshore Services, Ground Water Research Program, Directional and Horizontal, Barge Services, Wireline Servicesand Logging Services.


With an enviable safety record, NDC take pride in their reputation for providingsafe, healthy working conditions while protecting the environment and safeguarding assets. They offer efficient drilling and well-maintained services to clients atcompetitive rates, paying special care to protect the surrounding environment aswell as the health and safety of employees.

Onshore Drilling

Since Rig ND-01 began work in 1973; NDC has drilled over 4,000 wells, onshore and offshore, to a total depth of over 21.5 million feet, more than the radius of the earth (20.9 million feet). The company’s current onshore fleet consists of 16 drilling and work-over land rigs. In 2003, NDC invested in four of the most advanced land drilling rigs in the world, with state-of-the-art automation, and the highest levels of HSE safeguards, well control and rig integrity. Capable of drilling down to 20,000 feet, the rigs’ environmentally friendly design ensures zero discharge while extensive mechanization keeps staff away from high-risk areas.

Offshore Drilling

NDC is known for it’s safety records and achievements during operations in different locations, these records includes onshore and offshore rigs which successfully completed years and millions of man working hours without any Lost Time Incident. Recently one of NDC Onshore rigs ND-17 completed 13 years ( 5.46 million manhours) without LTI, and this achievement is considered a milestone in the history of the company drilling business. There are other rigs who completed certain periods without LTI, for example onshore rig ND-01 completed 11 years, offshore rigs Diyina and Junana completed 5 years. IADC (The International Association of Drilling Contractors) endorsed these achievements by issuing their prestigious certificates for the drilling rigs operating without any Lost Time Incident.

Health, safety and Environment


The National Drilling Company demand a strong commitment to HSE as demonstrated by NDC Chairman, Abdulla Nasser Al-Suwaidi, through the NDC Board directions and site visits. The NDC Chairman has stated that safety is of paramount to the success of NDC. He has even gone further explaining that safety, maintenance and integrity are essential for NDC’s continual existence. The NDC General Manager Mr. Abdalla Saeed Al Suwaidi gives emphasis to HSE every week during General Management Team meetings and other occasions when he meets NDC staff during facility inspections and other field visits.


This top level commitment is highlighted to all staff through the NDC motto – “HSE comes first at NDC” emphasizing that all NDC operations must be conducted without harm to people. The main HSE drive within NDC is through a HSE Management System which comprises of eight elements and hundred and nineteen expectations. The HSE-MS has been re-launched within NDC during 2002. This involves training, web based systems and direct commitment of individual key position holders throughout the organisation. The application of key performance indicators and targets will further embed HSE-MS within the business.