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Tuesday 21 April 2015

Rory Mallon

Rory Mallon, Regional Managing Director, Inner Gulf


“G4S Facility Services was formed as a result of requests from our existing clients, building on our proven track record of utilising skilled, professional and trustworthy individuals in our existing services,” explains Mallon. “This service has proved to be a highly effective management strategy for our customers, helping them reduce costs and overheads, which has led to the continuing expansion of this division.”



G4S Security

G4S Security, UAE

International Security Solutions Group

Operating in over 110 countries, G4S is an international security solutions group that has been operating in the UAE since 1994. Besides working with governments worldwide and business sectors that involve security and safety risks entrusting G4S to meet their security needs; the company also provides assessment of current and future risks developing secure solutions to minimise their impact.

Premier Global Security

“We are a well established brand name in the UAE,” says Rory Mallon, Regional Managing Director, Inner Gulf. Despite the current global downturn, “our business has experienced rapid growth and development alongside the growth of the nation”, he explains. A trusted brand in this sector, G4S was the first security company in the UAE to achieve accreditation to ISO 9001:2000. Employing over 10,000 staff members, “G4S provides security services to Government, Embassies, Banks and over 700 leading companies throughout the UAE”, Mallon adds.


G4S UAE is also a member of Ligue Internationale des Societes de Surveillance. The members of the ‘Ligue’ encompass the leading security companies globally. The Ligue is an international association of private security organisations founded in 1934. As a mark of the high esteem in which the Ligue is held world-wide, it is represented in a consultative capacity as a non-governmental organisation at the United Nations and the European Common Market.



“We recognise that our reputation and continued growth is dependant upon maintaining our principles of helpfulness, honesty and integrity,” says Mallon. “For this reason we continually invest time in listening to our customer’s needs and in developing our staff through continuous training and development. All aspects of recruitment, selection, training, deployment and supervision of our staff are managed using years of collective expertise to ensure high standards of service and customer satisfaction.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

G4S recognises its ethical responsibility to its employees, customers, the local community and the environment. To this end they try to work towards a sustainable and holistic approach to CSR. The company is committed to raise standards and invest in the communities in which it operates.


It invests in people through its employee development programmes. G4S has established a licensed training school for front line operational staff, offering tailor-made programmes for developing staff competency, mentoring programmes, on-line portals for continual personal development for employees, monthly recognition schemes and awards for front line staff.


“Employees are encouraged to play an active role within the local community through sponsorship matching programmes which support good causes, projects for physically challenged children, student work placement programs, supporting a range of health, welfare and community projects through partnering with government authorities for environmental clean up campaigns and blood donation drives”, he explains.



In addition, G4S has also established a G4S Employees Trust Fund which offers monetary support to those employees in need of urgent financial assistance. Its’ staff accommodation and facilities are operated above the standard norm which addresses the individual’s physiological, social, psychological and safety needs. Its’ business complies with International Occupational Health, Safety and Environment standards and has been awarded the ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certificates. G4S also encourages partnerships in sports by supporting aspiring young athletes, sports schools and teams. “Ultimately, our own sustainability and success depends on the value we place on our team. They represent the engine of our growth and we work hard to keep them challenged and fulfilled”, he concludes.

Our Values

The company has an established Business Ethics policy. This is the backbone to our culture of social responsibility. It is reviewed regularly, to ensure it continues to reflect our business model and areas of operation. Adherence to the policy is monitored as part of our compliance processes. All employees are asked to reaffirm their personal commitment to it every year.


Customer Focus - we have close, open relationships with our customers that generate trust and we work in partnership for the mutual benefit of our organisations.


Expertise - we develop and demonstrate our expertise through our innovative and leading edge approach to creating and delivering the right solution.


Performance - we challenge ourselves to improve performance year-on-year and to create long - term sustainability.


Best People - we always take care to employ the best people, develop their competence, provide opportunity and inspire them to live our values.


Integrity - we can always be trusted to do the right thing. Collaboration & Teamwork - we collaborate for the benefit of G4S as a whole.



G4S provides a wide range of solutions, including: 

  • Risk management and consultancy
  • Cash Management
  • Manned Security Services
  • Events Solutions
  • National & International Logistics
  • Security systems and technology
  • Facilities management
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Mine action
  • Secure data solutions
  • Investigative services
  • Care & Justice Services
  • Training