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Friday 22 May 2015

BEST OF DC: "Defining Change" in American Leadership

Television Interviews and Media Coverage


ABC Television, 'Washington Business Tonight', with Rebecca Cooper
"BEST of the BEST in DC"

CBS Television, '9News Now', with Andrea Roane

City 7 TV, "Good Morning Dubai", with Susie Ilyian and Jeff Price
"Dubai to DC"


"Thank you for profiling Vital Voices in BEST OF DC. We are honored to be highlighted in the publication and grateful for the publicity. As you know, Vital Voices supports women driving social, political, and economic advances worldwide. Your recognition of Vital Voices in BEST OF DC will help raise awareness of the importance of investing in women’s leadership."  
Melanne Verveer
Chair, Board of Directors
“Productions 1000 is proud to be showcased in the BEST OF DC: 'Defining Change' in American Leadership -- a unique publishing project that “celebrates the success stories of visionary leaders” fueling a new era of success and sustainability.  We welcome you to view our illustrated profile in the book’s Media Chapter on pages 242-243, and to read Richard Marks' Leader Preface for the Environmentalism chapter, found on pages 64-67. We extend our most sincere thanks to Matthew Christian Davis, Managing Director of GVP (USA), for distinguishing Productions 1000 in BEST OF DC. We are inspired by Matt's great devotion to positive leadership in America and worldwide. Please take a moment to read his Preface in the book.”
Richard J. Marks
President & Founder
Productions 1000
"BEST OF DC, Volume-1 "The Inaugural Edition" is incredible. The images are moving! Would love to post to my site, Do you have a link on FB to use? Thank you so much.. It's really wonderful ~ I hope everyone gets a chane to see it. All the best."
Jami Nasi Schwartz
Dyslexic Dreams Foundation
"It has been our pleasure to participate in the BEST OF DC project with Matthew Davis. His boundless energy and dedication to the project ensured the success of the endeavor from the start. Washington is a world class city! We invite you to take a moment to read through these wonderful stories of that chronicle the terrific contributions of Washingontonians. Many thanks to all the sponsors, participants, and contributors for helping to make this fabulous book a reality!"  
Mariessa Terrell
Simone's Butterfly, Inc.
"The view from here is fabulous"
"Extremely well done Matt! Clearly you put your heart and soul into the project."

Marianne Ricci
Owner & President
Faith 2 Reality Productions
"Matt, that's so exciting - Congratulations! The end product is fantastic! Your hard work truly emanates from the pages. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to be involved. You're a great friend. Best always, Anastasia."
Anastasia Davis
Buckley Kolar LLP
"Incredible, darling. I'm going through the book now... It is hard to believe you were the driving force behind this project. I am humbled to know such talent!"
Sara Franklin Lake
Art For Humanity
"Matt - Do you ever just "rest" for a moment?? I've never seen anyone be in as many places at the same you have clones running around ?? I get tired just thinking about doing as much as you do........."
Dana Bowden
"BEST OF DC" has great vision, passion, talent, love, education, and history in the timeless, artistic pages that capture our Nations Capitol, Washington DC complete. Thank You for this Once in a Lifetime Dream!
LOVE YOU, MATT! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Tareq and Michaele Salahi

Founder & President
America's Polo Cup and National Polo Leagues |
Virginia Wine Tourism / Oasis Winery | | |

The Washington Cheerleader Alumni




"Hi Matt,  I think it looks amazing and can't wait to see it in person. Great job!"


Lyndsey Higgins
Marketing Manager





"Nice book, Matt! I know a lot of people, myself included, who set out to create a book, but not many who went to print.


John Jewsbury
General Manager - DC Metro




"BEST OF DC Volume-1 'The Inaugural Edition'  is gorgeous. I want you to know how honored and appreciative I am to be a part of it. All the best to you."


Arianna Zukerman Sekulow
Opera Soprano




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