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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Total Security

Rory Mallon, Regional Director, Inner Gulf


G4S is the largest and fastest growing security firm in the UAE. Since 1994, the company has been providing its services to the UAE government, embassies, banks and over 750 companies across the Emirates. On a global scale, the company operates in over 110 countries, employs more than 530,000 people and is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchange.


Tel: +9712 449 1510


Group 4 Securicor Dubai UAE

Helpfulness : Honesty : Integrity

In the UAE, with around 8,000 staff, offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, G4S is uniquely placed to provide high level security services to customers throughout the Emirates. The company is also a member of Ligue Internationale des Societes de Surveillance, which represents the world's leading security organisations. "G4S is a well established brand name in the UAE," says Rory Mallon, Regional Managing Director, Inner Gulf. "Our business has experienced rapid growth and development alongside the growth of the city."


In terms of its services, the company provides the full spectrum of security needs. "We recognise that our reputation and continued growth is dependant upon maintaining our principles of helpfulness, honesty and integrity," says Mallon. "For this reason we continually invest time in listening to our customers needs and in developing our staff through continuous training and development. All aspects of recruitment, selection, training, deployment and supervision of our staff are managed using years of collective expertise to ensure high standards of service and customer satisfaction."


Services include manned security, cash management - including secure storage, teller management, ATM replenishment, secure escorts and the provision of facility manpower - including a wide range of office administrative staff, maintenance technicians, chauffeurs, housekeeping or promotional staff.


"G4S Facility Services was formed as a result of requests from our existing clients, building on our proven track record of utilising skilled, professional and trustworthy individuals in our existing services," explains Mallon. "This service has proved to be a highly effective management strategy for our customers, helping them reduce costs and overheads, which has led to the continuing expansion of this division. All personnel are individually selected and trained in view of our customer's specific profile requirements and our own standards."


Other services include the installation and monitoring of security systems such as intruder alarms, access control, airport and defence systems, CCTV systems and fire systems. Consulting services include threat assessment, risk and fraud management, operational and contingency planning, as well as security, fire and safety training. "We base our security system design on the understanding that it is first necessary to know what is to be protected and why, before a valid security system design is possible," says Mallon. "It is our policy to involve the customer in every phase of system design, thus ensuring that they are familiar with the rationale behind equipment that is utilised."


In terms of information and communications technology, G4S develops customised software for aspects such as cyber security, access control, audit implementation and network security. It also offers systems integration applications such as satellite communication systems, broadband access solutions, video conferencing and data collaboration systems.


"The range of IT security is vast: from unbreakable codes to secure software; from malicious attacks and web viruses to protected cabling, networking, telephone and multimedia communications," states Mallon. "Our expertise covers research, design, programming, installation, maintenance, monitoring and feedback of high quality networking solutions. When facing complex decisions with multiple possibilities and potential threats, you need a clear picture of what is necessary, achievable, sound advice and practical cost-effective solutions. Our experts can give you the information you need, and then install, update and maintain all the components you require, making your IT system an unbreakable link in the chain of security."


Clearly, the growing demand for both a varied and sophisticated range of security solutions goes hand in hand with the phenomenal growth within the region, and the new demands businesses face everyday. As Mallon concludes, "In recent years, the UAE security industry has evolved with the increased use of technology, considerable labour demand, and most importantly with the changing requirements of customers. We are proud to be part of Dubai's continuing success and we are honoured to be the trusted security solutions company to a wide range of companies, embassies, government institutions and multinationals."