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Thursday 28 May 2015

Carrier of Choice

Herning shipping aspires: “to be the preferred carrier of choice of trendsetting customers and the top-performing company in our market segment by maintaining a fleet of fully certified ships that meet the highest standards."

Herning Shipping Denmark

Herning Shipping

From Petrol to Shipping

In 1963, to ensure a reliable supply for the family-owned petrol and oil company, Uno-X, Vitta and Peder Lysgaard decided to purchase their first vessel, the M/T Vitta Theresa, and this was the start of herning shipping a.s. Today, the company operates a flexible, modern, and ever-expanding fleet of more than 40 sophisticated oil and chemical tankers. What started as a family business has changed over the years.


A change of ownership took place in 2007, when the founding family, a small number of investors, and the management became shareholders. Lars Vang Christensen, who came to the company at the end of 2004 as the first external CEO, is still the CEO, while Vitta Theresa Lysgaard is chairman of the board. Herning shipping has its headquarters in Herning, in Denmark and also has offices in the south of France and Singapore.

The Business of Shipping

Herning Shipping


Operating in a niche market, herning shipping specialises in transporting petroleum and edible and chemical products. Herning shipping provides voyage charter, timecharter, contracts of affreightment, and other types of shipping contracts. The fleet is one of the youngest in the market, and all vessels are double hulled IMO II chemical/product tankers. The vessels – all named after Vitta Lysgaard, whose middle name is Theresa – range from 1,300 up to 13,000 deadweight tonnes.


Regardless of where they are based – on board vessels, part of site teams, or onshore teams – herning shipping’s team of experts are highly motivated, competitive, and experienced. Skilled brokers, operators, crews, and technicians all aim to ensure the optimal solution and services for customers at all times. The company operates in all European time zones, from Norway to South Africa, as well as in South and North America, and the company’s ship-owning entity in Singapore also ensures representation in the Far East. Herning shipping’s main expertise is worldwide in the short-sea segment, but it also has vast experience with river-borne traffic, as well as operations in arctic waters.

Focusing on Quality

Herning Shipping


When transporting vegetable oil, mineral oils, and chemicals, it is vital that all quality and environmental standards are followed. Herning shipping believes in quality, not only to ensure that customers receive excellent and reliable service, but also because high performance is increasingly in demand. Throughout its existence, herning shipping has focused on safety, quality, flexibility, and reliability, and due to its innovative solutions, herning shipping has always been at the forefront in its market segment. The company manages its quality according to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. It prioritizes error prevention and continuously works to improve quality standards by implementing procedures in all daily routines. Controls are carried out to ensure that quality objectives and environmental protection and energy policies are always met.

The Fleet

Herning Shipping


To remain well represented in its market segment and to ensure its leading position, herning shipping is constantly renewing and introducing new ships to its fleet. Therefore, as part of its growth strategy – to focus on growing the fleet from within – herning shipping has initiated an extensive building programme. Turkey, Singapore, and China are among the countries where new ships are being built. Currently and through to 2011, herning shipping is concentrating on its largest ever new-building programme. As herning shipping starts using its new buildings and phasing out old vessels, the average age of the fleet is improving – it has already been reduced to less than four years, which compared to 12.8 years typical of a global fleet, puts herning shipping among the very best.


In today’s quality-conscious environment, it is not surprising that the trend-setting oil majors demand quality ships and safe transportation; a trend that herning shipping is fully compliant with. The company is positive about the future and confident that it can continue to offer quality and fully certified vessels to its loyal customers.