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Wednesday 27 May 2015

Unique & Sleek

“BreadTalk is a combination of unique products and sleek design catering to a funky lifestyle”, says Osama Salhin, President of Hospitality Division, Saleh Bin Lahej Group.

BreadTalk: Adds Life to Bread Dubai UAE

Eastern Origins

BreadTalk, one of Singapore’s leading brands has crossed the seas with three new branches in Dubai under the Bin Lahej banner - one in Burjuman, another in Dubai Healthcare City and a third on Airport Road. With more than 110 different types of breads and pastries there is more than a little something for everyone.


Osama Salhin, President of Hospitality Division Saleh Bin Lahej Group, defines BreadTalk as a ‘bakery boutique,’ “a combination of unique products and sleek design catering to a funky lifestyle” this is an apt description and the creamy orange lounge chairs coupled with colourful wall murals enhance the urban look.


To add to its décor, BreadTalk have quirky glass-fronted kitchens that allow glimpses of the chefs busy making bread. This punctuates the aroma of the baking goodies and is an utter tease to the appetite. The branch in Dubai Healthcare City has a stainless steel bread bar running through the store, where you can then pile your choices on a tray like plate and request for your bread to be heated up along with the coffee you might have ordered.

Menu & Fanfare

On the list of favourites are Rocky Milk- a sweet milky bun, Coffee-o – a flaky bun encrusted with a coffee roof, a curry chicken naan that definitely caters to Dubai’s cosmopolitan culture, a pizza bun and a hot tuna turner. These are just a few of the selections on offer. For the more health-inclined BreadTalk also boasts a fantastic rye and multigrain bread and a sure favourite is the Californian raisin bread, which has just the right amount of sweetness and flakiness to make it simply perfect. The best part is that the bread is always fresh, “We never use or sell bread from the night before - this is vital, after all nobody likes stale bread”, Osama Salhin says.


Aimed at families, the BreadTalk branches in Dubai are ‘restaurantlike’ which is specially devised to cater to Dubai’s lifestyle where people just do not grab and go, but instead prefer to laze and munch at the same time.


Having won awards in the Far East, BreadTalk is set to wow their Middle East customers with affordable prices, fabulous service and naturally delicious treats.



Airport Road

Tel:  +9714 283 0077 

       +9714 283 0055 



Tel:  +9714 351 5254 


Dubai Healthcare City

Tel:  +9714 362 4818 


***NOW OPEN***

Khalidiyah Mall (Abu Dhabi)