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Saturday 23 May 2015

American Growth


As the UAE rapidly expands, and Abu Dhabi is moving swiftly into the international global arena. In this globalisation race, the American Business Group of Abu Dhabi (ABG) is an important advocate for American presence in the UAE.



American Business Group: Abu Dhabi

American Business Group: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Picking Up The Pace

As you enter Abu Dhabi, the feeling of a new, emerging city embraces you. You are surrounded by lush, green trees, blooming flowers, and perfectly manicured shrubbery. As your eyes take in the new, modern buildings dotting the skyline of Abu Dhabi, and your gaze turns toward the tree and flower-lined Corniche, you feel yourself transformed. An oasis of calm and tranquility replaces the hustle and bustle of city life as the beautiful white, sandy beaches and the turquoise expanse of the Arabian Gulf emerges before you. You have entered what is now called "The Richest City in the World," the Garden City of the Middle East - Abu Dhabi.


With its Mediterranean culture and influence, Abu Dhabi seems to move at a relaxed pace. However, the more you get to know Abu Dhabians, you understand that they work hard, enjoy family and social outings and celebrate a city intertwined in Eastern and Western culture and practices. You find a strong American corporate presence in Abu Dhabi, with US name brand outlets and franchises throughout the city.


With such a growing and flourishing economy and a strong American business presence, the need for an American business interest group developed. As a result, the American Business Group of Abu Dhabi (ABG) was officially registered in 1996 by a group of American business people with a specific mission - to promote commerce and trade between the US and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.


The ABG is the largest American-interest organisation in Abu Dhabi. With a membership of 300+ US corporations, small businesses, and individuals, the ABG serves its members in various ways. By maintaining a close relationship with the local government and by raising awareness of both success stories and areas of concern, the ABG has become the main conduit between its members and the Abu Dhabi government. The ABG is a nonprofit organisation with a well-positioned volunteer Board of Directors whose primary goal is to promote the development of commerce, investment and goodwill between the United States of America and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through active member participation.


The ABG provides a unique platform in which its members can identify, discuss and pursue common interests. The ABG is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and is a member and supporter of the American Business Council of the Gulf Countries (ABCGC). Since the UAE is viewed as a highly regarded business model for other Middle East countries, ABG continues to assist in the positioning of Abu Dhabi as a rapidly emerging partner for increased economic prosperity for American companies and goods. The ABG believes that demonstrating the highest standards of integrity and business ethics is the most effective means to promote demand for increased bilateral trade as well as American goods and services in the UAE.


The ABG conducts numerous business and social events each month, ranging from the hosting of business speaker luncheons and senior diplomatic delegations from the United States to the organisation of the Annual 4th July Independence Day Celebration. The ABG is strongly committed to contributing to the community and therefore it organises a major fund-raising event each year, the proceeds of which are donated to qualified charitable organisations in Abu Dhabi. The ABG also hosts an annual family day function which reaches out to its membership, to US Embassy families and to the broader American community in Abu Dhabi.


Although most of the ABG's activities take place in Abu Dhabi, one of the most important events takes place in the US. The high-profile DC Delegation is a mission involving a volunteer group of ABG members which travels annually to Washington DC to lobby on behalf of vital US interests in Abu Dhabi and to gain support from Congress on a variety of issues. The ABG also uses this opportunity to educate Americans about the US-UAE relationship and to address misconceptions about the UAE and its people. Additionally, the ABG participates in an annual Door Knock trip to Washington DC together with the ABCGC for similar purposes.


The US currently exports more goods to the UAE than to major markets such as India. The UAE is also one of the only countries with which the US maintains a trade surplus. With commerce between the UAE and the US at its highest level ever, the ABG has increased its efforts to facilitate and to promote American business interests in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the goal of which is to secure longstanding friendly relations between the US and the UAE. The rapid expansion of Abu Dhabi's infrastructure and economy offers enormous opportunities for many new American ventures in the near future. The ABG is committed to support US businesses in their efforts to assist in the growth of Abu Dhabi and to further enhance its continuing strong commercial ties with the US.