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Monday 25 May 2015



Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects (ADNIP), founded in 1997, is a pioneer in regional industrial investment fostering economic growth. Incorporated as a private shareholding company, ADNIP, a world-class industrial group headquartered in Abu Dhabi, has managed to establish itself as a leader in setting regional standards of entrepreneurial foresight and managerial excellence.




Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects, UAE

Adapting to Opportunity

The owner of a diversified investment portfolio, ADNIP is also adept at identifying, developing and operating high value commercial opportunities in partnership with leading global companies.


Adapting to the changing opportunities in regional and international markets, ADNIP has kick started some of the region's most successful companies across a highly diverse range of industrial sectors. These include Abu Dhabi Medical Devices Company (MEDECO), a leading supplier of specialised medical devices, Business Enterprises Services (BES), an integrated consulting firm with main focus on industry, Abu Dhabi National Paper Mill (ADNPM), manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of high grade hygienic tissue paper in Jumbo rolls and Abu Dhabi National Carpet Factory (ADNC), a leading supplier of commercial and residential carpets. While each of these companies, like the parent company, are Abu Dhabi based, their reach extends into and beyond the GCC.


As the owner of subsidiaries functioning as independent organisations in their own right, ADNIP adds unique value in strategic goal setting, business development and shared quality management practices across the group. ADNIP has the distinction of being one of the leading companies in Abu Dhabi providing industrial development aimed directly at the local sector.


ADNIP's vision in moving forward is set in the context of the UAE's dramatic growth, and the fact being considered by many leading analysts and economists as the world's safest investment destination. Just as the UAE has shown there is no limit to what can be achieved in business, the ADNIP vision has created a multitude of new commercial opportunities with massive potential for converting these opportunities into wealth for shareholders, partners, and for the communities at large. The shareholders, especially, have the unique opportunity to participate in what has become one of Abu Dhabi's most exciting industrial success stories.


ADNIP's expansion plans reflect the group's history of growth, its current level of resources and the company's diverse range of capabilities. This is highlighted by every ADNIP subsidiary setting expansion targets based on potential increases in regional and international demand levels. The company is also looking at acquiring established manufacturing companies capable of adding to the group's overall strength. In developing this strength, thscope of projects the company is seriously looking at includes building and construction materials, petrochemical plants and paper and pulp production.


In a short time, Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects has proved itself as a reliable name in large-scale industrial and commercial holding projects, and has catapulted its stature, strengths, consistency, vision and objectives to exceptional heights in the midst of a dynamic and ever changing environment. With development being carried out today proving so successful for the company, ADNIP can confidently look forward to a future of growth throughout the GCC region and beyond, building on a reputation of achievements and commitment.